Aiming to be one of the leading publisher provider of scientific and engineering information, bring together with the firms and their target audience on energy and 
HVAC sector within the basis of communication framework, Odaklı Media Group has established in 2008 and published its first periodical publication 
"Petrol Plus" in 2009. Its second magazine "Tesisat Plus" begin publishing in 2010 and the third "Gas Techincal Magazine" met its readers in 2011.
Growing up day by day Odakli Media Group, became international publisher with "Tesisat Plus Russian" and "Power Azerbajcan" in 2014.
By contrubition of our partners like Turkish Science Industry and Trading Ministry, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Our customers lile Vailant, Ferroli, Buderus, IFS, Ipragaz, Borusan, 
and With 3 local and 2 international publication, and a circulation of around 30.000 units, Odaklı Media group one of the leader media group 
in energy and HVAC sector in Turkey, Neareast and Caucasian region and plan to enlarge its publishing net.